Internet Telephony Book Recommendations

Internet Telephony Book List - An internet telephony book set is invaluable as part of a VoIP and general technical library and as a way to get aquainted with the rapidly emerging field of internet telephony. I hope the book list below will be as useful to you in understanding internet telephony as it has been for me.

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The books on internet telephony listed below received a five-star rating by readers providing reviews. It's a set of books that's proven handy for VoIP projects.

IP Telephony Unveiled

Internet telephony book for business - addresses VoIP and internet telephony, providing internet telephony information for enhanced ROI, cost containment, and customer satisfaction.

From a reader review:

"All in all a must read for anyone that has even considered Voice over IP or who thinks they may possibly benefit from one of the most elegantly written books on the subject from a business perspective."




Carrier Grade Voice Over IP

This book focuses on attaining carrier grade standards in uptime and quality. A comprehensive reference.

From a reader review:

"Aimed specifically at designers of public telecommunications networks, this easy to read book provides practical and useful hands-on information. ... We believe this book to be an essential read, and recommend it highly."




The Road to IP Telephony: How Cisco Systems Migrated from PBX to IP Telephony

This book provides an informative case study. From Cisco Press.

Editorial description:

"There is no better path to the successful implementation of a new technology than to follow in the experienced footsteps of an organization that has already been there. The Road to IP Telephony tells you how Cisco Systems successfully moved its own organization to a converged, enterprise-wide network."




Internet Communications Using SIP

This book provides expert guidance for SIP implementation.

From a reader review:

"I'll keep it short and sweet. I am one of the authors of SIP and of many of its related technologies that are discussed in this book. As such, I am frequently asked by people how they can quickly understand the benefits of SIP technology, why it is important to them, and what it can enable. The answer is simple - read the Sinnreich/Johnston book. ... This is a fabulous piece of work, written by two recognized leaders. I highly recommend it."




IP Telephony with H.323: Architectures for Unified Networks and Integrated Services

A book from three designers of H.323.

From a reader review:

"This book has definitely provided me a solid background in H323. In addition, it is a very useful reference, for example, I was able to follow the call setup and media setup packet flow of an IP phone captured via a protocol analyzer(ethereal), thanks to the very clear illustrations. This is definitely a must for network administrators/managers considering a multimedia network implementation."

From another reader review:

"This is a treasure of H.323, VOIP information! Excellent protocol information. This is no paper weight, gathering dust! I use the book and I'm glad to have it on my shelf."



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