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Here are brief descriptions of several sample projects completed. They are selected to show the wide range of services we can provide. Samples are organized under the following category headings.

(If you are looking for example programming projects in general, browse our sample program pages which include languages like BASIC, C, Java, JavaScript, and Perl.)

Enterprise-Wide System Development And Consulting

OCoC Network General information systems consulting; local area network (LAN) installation. Oversaw complete upgrade of user workstation hardware and software, July-September, 2000. Conducted onsite audit with all staff. Evaluated information system needs of each and made recommendations for hardware and software upgrades. Evaluated overall information flow and made general recommendations for future systems enhancements. Also installed network hardware and wiring. Ohio Chamber of Commerce, Columbus, OH.

ACUHO-I Applications Integrated information systems consulting and software development for the Columbus-based Association of College and University Housing Officers, International (ACUHO-I). General strategic information systems consulting, with an emphasis on integrating systems for greater efficiency and effectiveness. Provide technical support to ACUHO-I information systems staff who produce ACUHO-I web site static pages and graphics. Analysis and development of a variety of applications, including membership management, automated directory publishing, online conference registration, online surveys, online employment listings, online submissions, and online program enrollment. ACUHO-International, Columbus, OH. 1994-2004.

General information systems consulting. Overall IS planning and hands-on setup and maintenance of all hardware and software for rapidly growing cleaning company. Includes web site development and hosting. Maid to Mop, Columbus, OH. 1995-present.

EDG development and testbed systems. Deployment and maintenance of local area network (LAN) for development of client-server and Web applications. Multiple platforms with multiple operating systems are used for testing web pages and systems. These include or have included Windows XP, 2000, NT, ME, 98, 95, and 3.1; Linux distributions including Fedora, Red Hat Enterprise, Coyote, and Monkey; MacOS 7, 8, 9, and OS X; and several versions of DOS. Eichstaedt Development Group (internal LAN), Columbus, OH. 1992-present.

Basic Web Sites and Web Site Enhancements

Web site development and consulting. Assisted with development and prototype of the original Columbus C.E.O. magazine Web site. (Subcontracted through PDG, Columbus, OH.) See the editorial and two-page spread in the October 1995 issue of Columbus CEO (Pg. 5, 64-65.) 1995.

Web application development. Interactive Web site modules implemented in Perl 4 with the Apache Web server. Demo guestbook page and guestbook form screenshots are available. Also consulted on Visual Basic and Microsoft Office issues. Connected Technologies, San Fransisco, CA. 1998.

Guestbook Page    Guestbook Form

Web site development and hosting. A business card sized Web site is now online. (An alternate demo version of this site is also available.) Maid to Mop, Columbus, OH. 1999-present.

Maid to
											  Mop   Maid to Mop

Dreambodies Multimedia. An example brochure sized Web site. A demo copy is hosted here.This is a typical starter site with mostly static text. We design small and starter sites so that future enhancements may be easily deployed.

Dreambodies Multimedia

Advanced Interactive and Automated Web Systems Development

Web application development and technology consulting. Development of link management and other Web application software for initial version of the Columbus Chamber of Commerce's Greater Columbus Supersite. (Subcontracted through PDG, Columbus, OH.) Implemented in 4D and Perl 4. See the July 10, 1996 Columbus Dispatch picture and article on the first page of the business section. 1996.

Call for Programs Web survey and enrollment applications. Several applications, including a professional development survey, technology survey, benchmarking enrollment system, and others. ACUHO-International, Columbus, OH. 1997-present.

Web conference registration systems. Annual Conference Registration Systems. Online registration and real-time credit-ard processing. Implemented in Perl under Apache on Linux. ACUHO-International, Columbus, OH. 1996-2004.

Web application development. Development of a variety of web applications for a large Columbus-based manufacturer of plastic pipe and fittings. Applications include automated parts listing pages, guestbook and registration, and others. 1997-present.

Web ordering system for print publications. The original publications ordering system was a port of a third-party application using FileMaker's WebCompanion to Lasso. It was then implemented in LDML using Lasso on Macintosh System 8. The system was ultimately upgraded to use a Linux and Perl based, MySQL-backed shopping cart with real-time credit card processing. ACUHO-International, Columbus, OH. 1998-2004.

Employment Listings System Web employment listings system. Employment listings system allows institutional users to post job listings and job candidates to post online resumes. Listings can be viewed using several organizational schemes, sorted by date, geographical region, level of education. or functional area. Implemented in Perl. Currently hosted on Linux with a MySQL database backend, the system was ported from an original developed with MacPerl and a flat text file backend. ACUHO-International, Columbus, OH. 1998-present.

Web application development. Development of a variety of web applications for a Ohio-based motor sports association. Applications include several online databases, online forms return applications, and a real-time race results updater for up-to-the minute publication of race results from the field. Implemented using a combination of Java and Perl running under Windows. 1997-present.

Web information request application. Development of several online form applications adding information requests to several databases, including a request for information form (adding submissions to an Access database table) and an intranet form (adding submissions to an Access database application). Also added a site-wide search engine script. For the for the City of Westerville, Ohio. Implemented in Perl 5 using ODBC and hosted under IIS on Windows NT Server 4.0. 1997-present.

Web enrollment system. Developed and deployed online enrollment forms for the Ohio Tuition Trust Association college savings program. Also developed forms for information and status change requests. Information was appended to a file to be imported by an OTTA internal application. Implemented in Perl 5; hosted on Linux. 1997-1999.

Application Development and Programming

Membership Management Application Screenshots Membership management application. Client-server database application stores and manages information on members of an international association. Uses the 4D relational database engine, which runs under Macintosh or Windows. This system, with source code available, is substantially more flexible than any off-shelf membership management application. Ongoing development includes deployment of additional functionality and adjustment of existing functionality to meet changing requirements. ACUHO-International, Columbus, OH. 1994-2004.

Automated membership directory publication. Completely automated production of annual directory as a PageMaker document ready for printing. All information is exported from the membership management application, formatted, and positioned on the page. Implemented using 4D, AppleScript, and the PageMaker scripting language. ACUHO-International, Columbus, OH. 1995-present.

Database application development. Developed Microsoft Access application to store and manipulate pricing scenarios for use in customer relationship management. Project was done for S4 Consulting, working for major area electrical utility. 1998.

Database application development for automated document production. Development of system to produce automatically legal motions and other collection documents. All information to go into the documents stored in a Paradox database application with an extensive user interface. Implemented in Paradox (the UI and new document export), and Word Basic (the importing document layout) under Windows 3.1, then Windows 95/98.

Database application development. Developed FoxPro database application to store exam results and print certificates for the Ohio Construction Industry Examining Board, Columbus, OH. 1993-94.

Programming Republic of PerlHypercard and Perl programming. Krueger and Associates, Columbus, OH and Appleton, WI. 1992-1995.

Perl programming. Scripting for data manipulation. Impulse Wear, Columbus, OH. 1992.

Andrew Eichstaedt - Educational Projects and Internships. To demonstrate a range of additional technical experience, a list of Andrew Eichstaedt's internships, educational, and other programming projects is available. 1983-1992.

Telephony and Audiotext Applications

Fax-on-demand telephony application development. Delivered technical datasheets to customers calling to request them through automated system. Implementation of the application was distributed between (1.) a Macintosh faxing documents running program implmented in 4D, and (2.) a DOS PC running an AVR (automated voice response) application implmented in VAL using Dialogic boards. On-Site Instruments, Columbus, OH. 1993-1994.

Voice mail and audiotext application. Voice mail and audiotext systems for Columbus office of Krueger and Associates. Krueger and Associates, Columbus, OH and Appleton, WI. 1993-1995.

Audiotext application development. Development of telephone dating service. Implemented using application (written in Perl 4) to automatically manipulate Bigmouth data files used to program Powerline I cards in standard PC hardware. Vocaline, Inc., Columbus, OH. 1993-94.

Note: The telephony applications above used traditional PSTN technology. Internet telephony using SIP and other protocols are the current state of the art; EDG provides comprehensive internet telephony services. Please take a look at our internet telephony book recommendations for an introduction to internet telephony.

In the above examples, work on Web systems for clients not specifically named was done subcontracting for other Web development firms. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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