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Web Site Design and Development Process

Needs Assessment and Specification

The first step in any project is an assessment of your needs, resulting in a working specification for the project. Length and complexity of the assessment and specification are determined by the type of project.

Web Development Process - Needs Assessment and
		      SpecificationSimple web sites of only a few static pages can often be specified in a few hours and completed within a few days. Many midsize web sites can be specified with a few days of meeting or conferencing time spread over a week or two. For changes to ongoing customers' systems, needs analysis and specification may be as simple as a brief e-mail exchange.

We are also prepared to meet the needs of more demanding projects. Web projects of exceptional size or complexity often require more time to evaluate and specify. For projects with many participants or presentation demands, we can provide project specification documents adjusted to your requirements.

Web Development Process - ImplementationImplementation

Once there is mutual agreement on the working specification, work moves forward according to the process plan it describes. Any remaining information gathering and specification tasks are done.

Web Development Process - ReviewAt a predetermined point, we review with you samples of work completed so far. For new web sites, these samples would include demo pages or sections. Projects with interactive components generally include working demo versions. Some projects may require additional rounds of samples and reviews, as specified in the process plan.

Testing and Completion

Web Development Process - Testing After all system components and finished, time is allowed for testing prior to final review and sign-off. No substantial changes are expected during this point, though there may occasionally be minor adjustments or corrections.

Ongoing Maintenance

We can handle all system maintenance, provide you with tools to maintain your site yourself, or develop a maintenance plan to meet your specific needs.


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