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Web Site Design Company Directories - A listing of top web site development company directories. Find a web design company that best suits your needs.

Sample Programs

EDG develops programs in multiple languages under a variety of platforms. Some sample programs are provided as an introduction to several of these languages and platforms. Currently, these include BASIC, C, Java, JavaScript, and Perl.

Recommended Web Development Tools

In our experience, several web development tools have been essential to our web development efforts. Our recommendations follow.

General Page Production and Source Code Editing Tools

Adobe (formerly Macromedia) Dreamweaver The market-leading HTML page production tool. Expensive, but actually worth the price. Dreamweaver's "round-trip HTML" feature is particularly helpful for developers using templates with embedded source code---your code remains unchanged with Dreamweaver, unlike most other editors that rewrite source code. Dreamweaver runs on Windows and OS X.

GNU Emacs. If you frequently edit HTML source code or source code in a programming language like Perl or PHP, GNU Emacs could be the editor for you. It supports editing modes for most major programming languages, as well as HTML. It's not a lightweight, small-footprint app like vi or pico, but an editing and programming environment including features like integrated mail and news clients, and fully programmable in LISP.

Search Engine Marketing Tools

Building traffic to your site is as important in the process of site development as any other step. Well-targeted traffic maximizes the value of your site. Here are some tools we've found to be invaluable.

WebPosition has been an absolutely essential tool for our search engine marketing efforts. It helps analyze on-page factors to make your pages as friendly as possible to the search engines. You can dowload a free WebPosition 4 trial to learn how it works.

Wordtracker is one of the best keyword analysis tools available. It helps you select keywords based on the number of searches and the number of competing web pages listing the key phrases.

Google PageRank and other inbound linking factors are a major driver of search engine rankings. LinkExplore is an application that automates the process of requesting and maintaining incoming links from other web sites.

Internet Telephony Books

Our internet telephony book recommendations. All were rated five stars by reader review.

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